Old University Building Needs A Roof

The Old University Building on Washington Square has weathered a many a storm during its 147 years of existence. The most recent encounter came during Tuesday's rainstorm.   Carolyn Alhashimi described the situation. "It first came in under the door. Just flowing in and as we were trying to clean this up with paper toweling then we noticed it started leaking, running down the steps. The steps were just full of water."

It just so happened the building's caretakers, members of the Nacogdoches Federation of Women's Clubs were in the next room stuffing envelopes with a request for donations for a new roof.   Kathryn Robertson said, "Little did we realize while we were putting the mailing together that the roof would start leaking." Alhashimi knew, "If we had not had a bunch of people here we probably wouldn't have found it until the morning and that would not have been good." Particularly for all the antiques and historic items in the home.   Alhashimi said, "We got all our historic books here that go back so many years. Valuable volumes that could have been ruined."

Now the high pitched roofing job is a priority.   Robertson said, "We had hoped to use this year to raise the funds so in the spring we would really be ready for a new roof and now we need to speed up a little bit." The mishap didn't hamper a scheduled luncheon, but instead served as a way to let guests know the serious need.   Solicitations for donations begin this week.