Emergency Contraception or Abortion?

by Larry Little

Some religious leaders in East Texas are disappointed. They disagree with the FDA's decision to approve over the counter sales of the morning after pill. "I was against it when it was a prescription drug. Now you can just go to store and buy it over the counter, that just makes me more against it. Listen, if you don't want a baby don't commit the act," says Pastor Tim Swanson.

Pastor Tim Swanson calls emergency contraception sin in a pill. "I call it murder. That's a human being from the moment it's conceived, it's separate from the mother even though she's carrying it. The Bible says if a man strikes a woman in the stomach and the baby dies, he is up on the murder charges," says Swanson.

Religious leaders in East Texas aren't the only ones concerned about the new availability of the morning after pill, advocates for safe sex feel it could lower awareness for std's. "I do feel it's going to make people more prone to have sex with the option of preventing pregnancy," says Beverly Chatman.

Beverly Chatman educates East Texans about STD's and safe sex. She says the morning after pill may prevent pregnancy, but East Texans need to know it doesn't protect you from other dangers. "They still need to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases, because the morning after pill is not a barrier or protection against them getting HIV," says Chatman.