Trigger Finger

Inflammation of the lining around the flexor tendons may result in the development of a tendon nodule in the palm. You may experience pain and your finger may get caught in a flexed or extended position The tendon is connected to the tip of your finger and held in place by pulleys, small straps that run along the finger and keep the tendon in place. As the tendon moves under the pulley, the tendon nodule pops under the pulley, like a trigger.

Commonly seen in patients with heavy lifting duties or arthritis. Conservative therapy includes anti-inflammatory medications as well as a injection of a steroid into the tendon sheath, decreasing the inflammation and allowing the tendon nodule to pass through.

Surgery consists of opening the pulley at the base of your finger allowing the tendon to move freely. Shaving or scraping the nodule off the tendon is not indicated as this will weaken the tendon possibly resulting in a rupture of the tendon