Timpson Coach Controversy

There was standing room only at Friday night's Timpson school board meeting. Concerned residents gathered for answers about the future of high school football coach Lucky Gamble, but residents couldn't get answers from Superintendent Leland Moore. He left due to a family emergency before the meeting.

They couldn't answers from the school board either, because they called for a close door meeting.  Residents had to leave the building. "All of us would love to know the truth but we will never know," says Christy Bass.

Folks in the Timpson community were left to speculate why Gamble resigned suddenly and then wanted his job back. "I know we are not out here for a picnic. We are not out here for that, so we are out here for a reason. We are out here for racism," says Elroy Yarborough.

"This past week he invited someone to move here with him, she's a different race. What's the problem now?" says Chantel Bussey.

"Evidently it was a lack of communication that is what everybody is telling us," says Bass.

Coach Gamble appeared in high spirits to the crowd before being called back inside the closed meeting.  He never addressed if his personal life caused this controversy, if the school board asked him to resign, and why he never hired an attorney.  So, while many are hopeful Gamble will get his job back, they still have unanswered questions.