SFA Leadership Different, but Familiar

Steve Westbrook, the former director of student affairs is accustomed to the college crowd rather it be ordering snow cones from the new SFA Recreation Center or supervising numerous employees. The new interim vice president for university affairs says he won't lose touch with those he represents.   "Even though I may not have the direct student contact like I might have had in the past I feel like I have my finger on the pulse of what's going on because our staff is so dedicated to student needs."

Westbrook takes over Baker Patillo's position. Patillo, also an SFA alum is interim president with an indication of permanency to the title. He's in Austin on the first day of college working for state funding.

Administrative changes usually go unnoticed by students, except this time.   Student Government Association President Brittany Scott said, "I have talked to actually have a lot of faith in the administration and are really excited to see what they're going to bring to campus." some of which is already here.

The new student recreation center is a year away from completion, but its director, Jeff Huskey has already launched coed intramural programs, group fitness classes and a renovated weight room. He's confident with the different, but familiar leadership. "You cannot question their devotion to SFA. They bleed purple and they definitely have the best interest of the university and SFA students at heart."

More than 11,000 students are on campus and administrators will attempt to get to know as many of them as they can. Westbrook is doing his part as he orders a purple snow cone.