Storm Survivors Call East Texas Home a Year Later - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

08/29/06 - Lufkin

Storm Survivors Call East Texas Home a Year Later

by Ramonica R. Jones

Hundreds of New Orleans storm victims are now calling East Texas home. Many of them went there to get away from Katrina, but ended up staying there for good.  

Finding a decent job and a place to live is still a challenge for our new neighbors, but thanks to churches and other charitable groups, William Jones is back on his feet a year later.

He lost his home in Katrina and came to Lufkin on a bus with his uncle. Memories of his escape still haunt him.

Jones said, "I was devastated and I was so upset about a lot of stuff that I seen - dead bodies, people shooting people. It was just a bad thing to happen."  

Jones is now an employee at the HOPE Center of North Lufkin. He still has family in New Orleans, but plans to live in Lufkin permanently.

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