Cash Advantage Debit Card Benefits

What is it?
It's a card that you can use in place of writing a check. The card takes the amount of the purchase and deducts it from your checking account.

Who can have a cash advantage card?
Any account holder with approved credit.

How do I get it, and how long will it take?
Go to any new account desk and ask for an application. If approved, you will.receive your card thru the mail in 10-14 working days. For security your pin number will be sent in a separate mailing.

What if I already have an ATM card?
A new account rep will have you fill out an application, provide you with a copy of the disclosures and upon approval you will receive your card in the mail in approximately 10-14 days.

What is the cost?
It does not cost to get the Cash Advantage card, but a $1.00 service charge fee per month will be applied to your monthly statement, regardless if you use the card.

How will this card help me?
It's convenient when traveling, use it with the ease of a credit card. You can use it anywhere gas station, restaurants, grocery stores, even for online purchases. You don't have the cost of checks, you don't have to write a check just swipe your card, push credit sign the receipt and your done! The Cash Advantage card can also be used at the ATM to get cash.

How will my statement look?
Your statement will have a line that identifies the place of business where the card was used the date and the amount. If the statement has a name you don't recognize the parent company may be a different name. If you have any questions regarding your transaction call (936)639-5566 and ask for Cash Advantage Support.

What if I want to change the people who have access to my account. can they have a Cash Advantage card also?
Yes, but they must be account owners and you are responsible for all transactions.

Can I access my savings account with my Cash Advantage card?
Only as a secondary account. Point of sale transactions can only be tied to your primary checking account. You can use your savings account as a secondary account for ATM withdrawals and can have overdraft protection on your checking by using your savings.

What is the daily limit on the Cash Advantage card?
$750, including no more than $200 in ATM withdrawals.

Can a convenience signer on an individual account have a Cash Advantage card?
No -they do not own the account. If the owner of the account gives access to a card, then the owner is responsible, but the bank will not issue a card to a convenience signer.

Where can I use the Cash Advantage card?
You can use at any ATM -worldwide that displays the logos on your card - Mastercard, Maestro and Cirrus.

How do I get a pin? Can I change it?
Your Personal Identification Number will be assigned when the card is processed. You may change your number by bringing your card to any new accounts desk, and providing your identification.

What if I lose my card? What is my responsibility?
If you lose your card please call (800) 887-0555 or (936) 639-5566 immediately and report the lost card.

When you are at a store and they ask . Debit or Credit. which should I use?
Ask for Credit -that way you will always have a receipt to sign and a record of your transaction. Another benefit of using credit is the security of no one seeing you enter your personal identification number.

Benefits of the HSB Cash Advantage Debit Card

  • Easier than carrying cash
  • Accepted anywhere in the world
    you see the Mastercard or Maestro logo
  • Accepted more easily than a check when you travel
  • Avoid the check approval process
  • Better than a credit card- no finance charges- unless you have an overdraft fee
  • Purchase details appear on your monthly statement

For more Information call (936) 639-5566

If card is Lost or Stolen call (800) 887-0555

Information contained in this brochure does not include all of the disclosures required by banking regulations. This information is available in the New Accounts area of each bank location or will be mailed to you upon request.