Hometown Advantage

Hometown Advantage Added Features Keep Value Close to Home

No Minimum Balance Required

Personalized Checks
Receive HSB Logo checks (non-duplicate) at no additional cost to you. Your special member checks will be printed with your name and address.

Unlimited Checking
Use all the checks you like. With Hometown Advantage there are no per-check charges.

Travelers Checks and Money Orders
These secure, convenient instruments are available to you at no issue fee.

MasterCard or VISA 
Carry America's most popular credit cards. Receive MasterCard or VISA with no annual fee. A separate qualified application is required.

Individual Retirement Account
Open your Individual Retirement Account with us, and we'll design a plan that's right for you. Ask us for a complete explanation of your IRA tax benefits.

$10,000 24-Hour Accidental Death and $20,000 Scheduled Airline Insurance
As a Basic Plan member, you'll receive $10,000 in Accidental Death Insurance 24 hours a day. Your Accidental Death Coverage increases to $20,000 while traveling as a passenger on a Scheduled Airline.

Notary Service
Use our notary service at no additional charge. We'll be happy to notarize your official documents. Just present your Hometown Advantage ID card.

Payment Card Protection
 When your credit, ATM and check cards are registered, just call the toll-free 24-hour number to report a loss or theft, and all your card issuers will be notified for you. You'll also receive protection against any liability on every registered card.

Key Ring Protection
Help to retrieve lost keys. With your personally registered key ring, your lost keys can be dropped in any mailbox and returned to you. ..at no additional charge

Safe Deposit Box
Store your valuables in a personal-size safe deposit box at a discount. Subject to availability. (One-half current rental rate.)

Medical Emergency Data Card
Keep vital health and personal information on hand at all times with this convenient plastic card. In an emergency, medical personnel will have quick access to your current health profile. You can update your card every year.

Savers Club Book
Save 50% at over 3,000 participating lodging properties from coast to coast. Plus, you'll find discount offers from theme parks and car rental companies. You can receive a new bargain-filled Savers Club Book every year.

Discount Movie Tickets
Save on movie tickets at selected theaters Ask for details.

24-Hour Banking
With your 24-hour banking card all your transactions are safe, confidential - and fast.

Sojourns Magazine
Subscription Whether you're a serious traveler, or you prefer to enjoy America's beauty from the comfort of an easy chair, vivid color photography and in-depth travel stories will satisfy your wanderlust. You can receive the latest issue in the mail twice a year.

Direct Deposit of Social Security and Payroll Checks
Enjoy the convenience. For immediate access to your money you can authorize the Treasury and your employer to deposit your checks directly into your account.

"Pay Yourself First"
Savings Program Save the easy way. You decide how much you want to save. The amount will be automatically transferred according to your instructions. A great way to save for future needs.

Deposit by mail, and save time and trouble. Receive all the deposit tickets and mailers you need at no additional charge.

All for Only a $ 7 Monthly Membership Fee