Hometown Advantage Plus

Hometown Advantage Plus

Add these benefits to the special features of Hometown Advantage

Cashier's Checks
This secure, convenient instrument is available to you at no issue fee.

$5 Reward for Savers
Open a new personal savings account with $100 or more, and we'll deposit $5 in your account.

Increase your Security With the Family Plan
If you have a family or simply want the added security of increased protection, we recommend the Family Plan:

  • $20,000 coverage for members.
  • $2,500 coverage for your spouse and each dependent child (if not already covered as an account holder).
  • PLUS, as a member, your Accidental Death Insurance increases to $100,000 when you travel as a passenger on a Scheduled Airline. Coverage for your entire family is just $2 extra per month.

Asset Organizer
Receive a computerized record of all your important financial and personal information. All information will be recorded and held in safekeeping for you in case your document is ever lost or destroyed. The Asset Organizer also serves as a valuable resource for you or your loved ones in case of emergency.

All For Only a $9 Monthly Membership Fee