Meth Lab Discovered

Police officers responding to a suspicious persons call instead found a meth lab in the back of a pick-up truck.

It all happened late Tuesday afternoon outside the CVS Pharmacy at the corner of Lufkin Avenue and Timberland Drive. An officer's eyes began burning during a search of the truck bed where pieces of the apparent meth lab were discovered. Lufkin narcotics agents arrived with the fire department's hazmat response team.

The parking lot was sectioned off while customers were allowed through the back door of the store. The couple driving the truck was decontaminated while the components of the meth lab were removed by officers wearing protective suits.

Firefighters remained on standby ready to spray down the scene in case any of the chemicals exploded. "We always treat them as extremely volatile. Depending on the stages of cook that they were in depends on how actual volatile they are at that time. But we always treat them as extremely volatile so that way we're always prepared for the worst," said Captain Dustin Ledford with the Lufkin Fire Department.

The truck driven by the couple did not register in either of their names. 20-year-old Corey Mullan and 26-year-old Kristie Alsbrooks, both of Lufkin, are now being held without bond in the Angelina County jail. They are charged with possession of certain chemicals.

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