HOPE Center Needs Help

Many charitable organizations in East Texas helped hundreds of evacuees get back on their feet after the hurricanes. Some have been reimbursed for their services, but groups like the HOPE Center of North Lufkin received very little money from the government.

The agency had 470 evacuees living there at one time. During the first few weeks after the storms, as many as 1,400 were getting their meals there.

Yvette Hadnot, HOPE Center receptionist, said, "We served them breakfast [and] lunch. We supplied personal hygiene needs. If they needed bedding, we supplied that. We even supplied clothing if they needed that."

It cost the HOPE Center more than $20,000 to house and feed storm victims. FEMA only reimbursed $4,000 of that cost. The center had $9,000 in damage to the carpet, furniture, walls, and gymnasium.