Police Find Makings of Meth Lab in a Pickup Truck

It all started in a Lufkin pharmacy parking lot. Someone spotted a couple in a pickup acting strangely Tuesday and called police. When officers got there, they realized it was a potentially hazardous situation.

Lt. Jerry Smith of the Lufkin Police Department said, "They located a methamphetamine lab that had been dismantled in the back of a truck. The officers' eyes started burning as they were looking at the items found inside there."

Those items included flammable liquids, corrosive, and acidic chemicals - all makings of a meth lab. The Hazardous Material Response Team set up a decontamination station on the spot.

Pharmacy management made arrangements for customers to come in and out of the back doors while the front of the building was sealed off. Although nothing was cooking in the meth lab, there still could have been an explosion.

Fire Inspector, Captain Dustin Ledford, said, "Our Hazardous Material Response Team trains many times throughout the year and goes to multiple schools anytime that they can. We're trained to handle just about any type of hazardous materials incident."

Before police took the couple to jail, Corey Mullan and Kristie Allsbrooks stripped naked and got washed off to remove all traces of chemicals. They're in the Angelina County jail charged with drug possession and several other offenses.

The truck was decontaminated and towed away. It was not registered to either Mullan or Allsbrooks.