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08/30/06 - Lufkin

Crime is Down in Lufkin

by Jessica Cervantez

The crime stats are in for 2005, and Lufkin police officials are satisfied.

Lt. David Young, with the Lufkin police dept., said, "Overall the change has been very minimal, our clearance rate is up 1% from 2004, and general numbers seem to be pretty similar."

The number of crimes solved has gone up, but overall crime in Lufkin has gone down.

Crime Stats

2005 2
2004 0

2005 22
2004 18

2005 39
2004 52

Aggravated Assault
2005 125
2004 164

Burglary, Larceny, Auto Theft
2005 1,165
2004 1,934

2005 1,353
2006 2,168

The police department will be studying the results closely to see how they can better protect citizens.

Lt. Young, said, "The police department is only as effective as the citizens of Lufkin, we need people's input, we need them to report crimes, when they see it."
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