New Captains Prepared for Disaster

The new captains for the Salvation Army in Lufkin feel blessed Ernesto is missing Texas. If they were still in North Carolina they would be preparing for the storm.

Hank Harwell knows he and his wife have big shoes to fill in Lufkin. Captains Maldonado are now gone. The Maldonados were extremely instrumental in helping evacuees during last year's hurricane disasters.

The Harwells say they are as prepared as they can be for any disaster.  They don't expect to make any major changes here.

Capt. Hank Harwell, said, "My wife and I are of the mind set that if something works, you don't go and change it just to be changing it.  If it is working then you keep presenting itself until it is no longer sufficient."

Right now, the Harwells are focusing on implementing their own disaster plan and working with the city to see how they can help.