A Look Back at the Pentecostal Campground

Things are much different at the Pentecostal campground in Lufkin then they were a year ago after Katrina hit. What was once considered the hub for Katrina evacuees is now empty.

But, there has been a lot of renovation in the last year. The Pentecostal campground was packed with evacuees needing help. Campground members say they are ready to help if the need arises again.

Kevin Prince, with the Pentecostal campground, said, "I think all of us where caught somewhat by surprise, everybody pitched in here, and also in the community, we were glad to be of help in anyway we could. We just renewed our facilities agreement with the Red Cross, obviously, we're available again, if such a need arises."

Right now, they have just been gearing up for school that started on Monday.  There are nearly a hundred students enrolled.