Will Lufkin Become a Certified Retirement Community?

The golf course is one place you can find retirees in almost any community, but Lufkin city leaders said recreation is just one of many benefits the town has to offer seniors.

Jim Wehmeier, Economic Development Director, said, "You've got to have a strong healthcare system, you've gotta have ongoing educational opportunities like Angelina College provides, you've got to have entertainment and retail opportunities, as well as a nice warm climate which we're blessed with."

Terry Morrow agrees. He said if any town should be a Certified Retirement Community, it's Lufkin. He retired there after 30 years as an auto dealer. Morrow said Lufkin has a lot of what retirees love and he knows retirees have plenty to offer the community.

"When they come to a town, they are always good people and they usually have enough income to participate in the town and make it more viable," Morrow said.

It took the Lufkin Retirement Initiative Committee two months to get an application together to submit to the state's agriculture department. The 35-member organization even unveiled a web site to show seniors and retirees what Lufkin has to offer.

Retirement Initiative Chair Trey Henderson said, "They've got a lot of questions I'm sure that this web site's gonna [answer]. It's gonna show them what Lufkin is about. It's gonna talk about the retail opportunities that are here, it's gonna talk about all of the extra activities - the zoo and the lakes area."

Lufkin meets the qualifications needed to receive state certification as a retirement community. A warm climate, volunteer opportunities, and excellent medical services are all on the list.

For more information, call the Angelina County Chamber of Commerce at (936) 634-6644 or go to http://retireinlufkin.com.

Nacogdoches, Athens, Clifton, and Quero are also planning to become Certified Retirement Communities.