Where Should Lufkin Residents Go If Disaster Strikes?

Not long after Hurricane Katrina hit, Lufkin was included as part of the state's Shelter Hub Plan. When a hurricane, tornado or any other disaster strikes a nearby town or county, residents from those areas can come to Lufkin for disaster relief.

"We would fall back on the First Call System, which is an automated system to call everybody at home on their phone and notify them of what's going on, and then of course door-to-door," Mayor Jack Gorden said. "The state has what's called a sister-city program which relates one city to another from the standpoint of emergency shelters in the state. Of course, Lufkin is designated as one of those cities in the state, so if Lufkin needs to evacuate, it would be an interesting question."

Storm victims can evacuate to Lufkin during an emergency, but if disaster hits Lufkin, people already living there would need a place to go. Since Lufkin is a designated hub, there is no organized disaster plan in place for the city's permanent residents.

"Our emergency personnel would stay [in Lufkin] to work with the people coming in here, but we would, of course, advise all our citizens to evacuate to one of these other shelter areas - College Station, Dallas, Texarkana, Longview, Tyler."

No matter what the plan is for your city or county, experts advise all families to have their own emergency plan.