Horse Slaughtering Ban

by Larry Little

Johnny Weismuller has owned horses for 12 years. "They are real fine animals, just like having your own dog. They are attentive. They care of you and you take care of them. The best thing you can have, good companions", says Johnny Weismuller.

Johnny and his 17 year old son Kenneth, spend a lot of time with their three horses, entertaining East Texas children at civil war re-enactment shows. "It's unbelievable. They just can't believe a horse can be that gentle. They only see horses on TV but when they get to touch that horse, it just makes a difference for that child", says Weismuller.

Owning a horse has also made a difference in Kenneth's life.   "I learn responsibility because I have to come out here and feed these guys and everything", says Kenneth Weismuller.

The thought of having horse meat on their dinner plate sickens them. "They must be starving or poor if they are going to do that", says Kenneth. "It would be like killing my dog and eating that. I know it happens in different cultures. I wouldn't eat my dog and I definitely wouldn't eat my horse", says Johnny.

Thursday, the U.S. House agreed with the Weismuller's by voting to ban sending horses to slaughter houses to be processed for human consumption. The ban is not law yet, but these horse owners believe it's a good start.

The issue now goes to the U.S. Senate.