Texans are Buckling Up

Texans are buckling up at a record rate. A study done by the Texas Department of Transportation shows more than 90 percent of the state's drivers are using seat belts this year. That's a 14 percent increase in seat belt use over the past four years.

TxDot believes the increase has prevented 1,200 traffic-related deaths and more than 28,000 injuries.

TxDot spokesperson, Kathi White, said, "The "Click it or Ticket" campaign is increased enforcement targeting seat belts and also education. So, we have a great education program that goes along with the campaign and TxDot partners with local law enforcement and the Department of Public Safety. These guys are out there looking for those people who are not buckling up and it costs you when you're caught."

The fine for not wearing a seat belt can be as high as $200.