Alcohol Debate Heating Up

by Larry Little

The election is still two months away, but the alcohol debate is heating up in Angelina County. "The bottomline is this election is not about the morals of alcohol or the religious issues of alcohol, it's about tax revenue," says John Hash of Texas Petition Strategies.

Pastor Lonnie Williams strongly disagrees. "The bottom line is it creates a problem in the community. It creates a problem in people's lives and we just have to stand for what's right in moral issues", says Pastor Lonnie Williams.

John Hash helped lead the petition drive to get the issue on the ballot. He doesn't understand why people would be against loosening restrictions on alcohol sales, because alcohol is already being sold in Angelina ounty. "A lot of people want to say is Lufkin and Angelina County, are they wet or are they dry? By our terms, you are damp because you are not technically dry. You do have establishments in Angelina County that do serve alcohol," says Hash.

Hash believes the opposition kicked off their campaign against alcohol sales with misleading information on their website. He wants them to be truthful. "Today is the day we are going to ask them to pull their information down and fix it. Otherwise, the next time they here from someone it won't be us, but law enforcement," says Hash.

"Alcohol is another drug. You can put it anyway you want to say it, but it is a problem if you allow it to exist," says Williams.

It will be up to voters to decide this November.