Safety First At Lufkin ISD

by Larry Little

There are certain moral issues administrators at the Lufkin Independent School District can't discuss when hiring employees. "The school district is an equal opportunity employer, we will not get into those gray areas. Homosexuality is a sensitive issue but not a criteria for LISD," says Assistant Superintendent Johnny Giles.

Safety is an important issue for the school district. "If they had a drug related or a felony, assault or indecency with a child or any area as far as safety is concerned, it would keep us from employing those individuals," says Giles.

After some school districts encountered problems with hiring employees who had criminal backgrounds in other states, LISD took extra precaution to keep East Texas students safe. "We went a little bit beyond our criminal history check and purchased our own fingerprinting machine, so we fingerprint and that goes national, as far as anything that can be picked up," says Giles.

Assistant Supt. Johnny Giles says there is no 100% guarantee an employee still won't beat the system, but so far the fingerprinting program has worked very well.