Lufkin Panther Artist

by Larry Little

Burt Scruggs knew he was becoming a good artist when his brother never returned a piece of his work. "He said I'm gonna take it to school and I never saw the picture again," says Burt Scruggs.

Scruggs, a Lufkin native, has many prized pieces of work, but the one he holds dear is his latest, a new Lufkin Panther design. "I just sat down and I noticed everybody's drawings and I was looking for a good panther and I thought about Texas, so I drew a Panther and Texas, and made sure it would fit beside Texas just right and wham," says Scruggs.

Scruggs says his drawing shows pride.  He wants to do more than put his design on the front of a shirt. He says he spoke with Coach Outlaw about making his new panther design a part of the Lufkin Panther helmet, but he was told, " was no way I could get it done."

But a Panther never gives up. "It disappoints me, but it also motivates me, because seeing is believing."

For now Scruggs is selling the shirts in front of his home on Kurth.