Wet or Dry Controversy

by Larry Little

Drive across the Angelina County line and you will find an abundance of beer stores, but beer stores that sit on the county line could be in trouble in alcohol sales are legalized in Lufkin.

The sales could drop drastically, so the group supporting alcohol sales in Angelina County is watching county line store owners to make sure they don't have a negative impact on making Angelina County wet. "What we have a concern about is what we call manufactured opposition. It pretends it is something else, based on moral issues, but when you dig deep enough and far enough it is usually a neighboring alcohol interest in a neighboring jurisdiction," says John Hatch.

Hatch, who works for the company spearheading the petition,  feels this campaign weapon is not fair. "The opposition group has made it very clear. Their campaign is going to focus on the detriments of alcohol to society. That's fine, the only problem here is that they have acknowledged they might use donations from alcohol interest outside the county," says Hatch.

None of the county line store owners have contributed anything to the campaign against alcohol and the opposition hasn't said if they will accept funding.

Some folks believe regardless of the mud slinging campaign tactics, this issue is in the hands of voters.