Hospitals are On Alert Five Years Later

A lot has changed since the terror attacks on America five years ago. East Texas hospitals are among the many companies that have tightened security policies and changed the way they do business.

As a direct result of September 11th, medical personnel at Woodland Heights Medical Center in Lufkin added a decontamination room equipped with showers in case of a bio terrorism scare.

There are also coded doors to lower the risk of unauthorized visitors having access to secure areas.

Nurse Jannett Fowler, Director of Quality and Risk at WHMC, said, "Some examples of what we've done in the last five years are like the keypad entrance. We make for sure there's a special code that you can get in and out of. We screen our employees by them having specific name badges. We also have specific background checks that we do."

Since 9/11, Memorial Medical Center in Lufkin has added cameras to its security system. The hospital has also made advancements in its preparedness for biological weapons.