The Mosaic Center is Changing Women's Lives

Jamie is a 21-year-old doing what she can to get her life together. When she lost her aunt to ovarian cancer, she had no one or no where else to turn.  That is until she came to Lufkin's mosaic center.

Jamie said, "After she died, I couldn't stay in Buffalo no longer, it wasn't home.  I feel that Lufkin is my home, I lived for six years here, and I don't want to leave."

The Mosaic Center is the perfect place for women like Jamie.

Kitty Bounds, the director, said, "We help women, women at a different place in their life, trying to get to a better place in their life."

Ten women at a time get the opportunity to learn computer skills and teamwork. They also learn about managing money, and other skills to help them become self sufficient, something Jamie is ready for.

Jamie said, "I want to learn about life and all that and get out there and experience things, but not drugs or drinking.  I don't do that, I just want to be myself and the Mosaic Center is helping me with that."

Bounds said, "It's a hand-up not a hand-out."