Sentencing Set for Woman Who Abused Her Stepdaughters

Thelma White took in her first foster child 13 years ago. Since then, she's been a temporary mom to at least 90 kids that have either been abused or neglected. Today, she has three teenage girls living with her.

White adopted her daughter when the girl was just nine years old. She's now a high school senior. White is also caring for the stepchildren of Bennedetha Buckjune - a woman convicted of physically and sexually torturing them.

"The girls are doing well," White said. "They are able to smile again. They have had a lot of support. They are in counseling and they are just doing great."

The children White has added to her family over the years have been as different as the reasons that led them to her. She's now in her late 60s and is done raising her own children, but has no plans to stop taking in new children anytime soon.

"I love children and I've always worked with children," said White. "I wanted to take them in because they were girls that needed help. They needed a lot of love and they need to feel like they [are] part of a family, and that the behavior that they had to endure is not acceptable and that somebody could really love them without any strings attached."

Bennedetha Buckjune's sentencing is set for Thursday morning in Angelina County. She faces up to life in prison.

The girls' father, Joshua Buckjune, is in jail awaiting trial. He's charged with several counts of injury to a child by omission. Police said he knew about the abuse all along, but never reported it.