Sabine County Homicide - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

09/14/06 - Sabine County

Sabine County Homicide

by Larry Little

 Thursday afternoon, Michelle Hauk was back at the scene of her father's horrifying death at his Bronson home, going through the charred pile, hoping to find memories. "He always helped people. Dad never had an enemy that we knew of, he was a friend to everybody", says his daughter, Michelle Hauk.

Authorities say Mr. Easter was even a close friend to the men accused of killing him. "He was friends with them. They knew him and he knew them well", says Sabine County Sheriff, Tom Maddox. "I hate, dad would have given them whatever they wanted. It wasn't necessary to do this", says Hauk.  

Investigators believe robbery was the motive. Rusty Horton and Leon Alex are behind bars waiting to face a grand jury while Michelle tries to make sense of this tragedy. "He always said baby there are reasons things happen, so there are reasons that things happen and we've got to accept it and move on.

Horton and Alex will go before a grand jury next month. Bonds have been set at $1 million for both suspects.

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