Do Dat Barbque Time

Zydeco music got young and old in the Do Dat Barbque spirit. It also helped keep some contestants awake after a night of dancing and partying.   Donnie Schimidt with the Hole In The Wall cook team asked, "Do I look as bad as I feel?" Despite the physical price you pay to have a good time Do Dat Barbquers keep coming back.    "We didn't make the first one because we didn't know about it. I haven't missed a year since '86. That was our first year and why we do it?  It's because it's for charity. That's what we do. We come out, we entertain and we cook and we party and we have a good time,"  said Schmidt.

The 'I'm Back Cooking' gang is returning to the Do Dat after several years of absence. Some say Vince's barbque actually killed him.   Vince laughed, "No not the barbque didn't. Some of the activity that goes along with it might have." Regulars know that Vince has mellowed out, without the help of libations. "After 32 years of drinking and smoking it caught up with me so I'm drinking now but I'm drinking ice tea and no smoking either, so I'm back cooking," he explained. And the only thing smoking is Vince's chicken which he's taken first prize for in past Do Dat's.   "I do a lot of things now to prove I can do what I used to do without the drinking and the smoking. It' more of a personal deal for me. It's to say I still can go out there and have fun, hang around all my same friends and do all the same things I did just to prove it to me I can do it without the other, but I really have no choice."

The barbque is a big part of the event, but the ability to have a good time no matter how you go about it is what keeps those Do Dat Barbquers coming back.