Move It Monday Begins

Dr. Cristina Graves is a pediatrician. Her main concern, is the health of her little patients. Right now, about one of every five kids is considered overweight, and that number is expected to increase.

Dr. Graves said, "Children are where we need to focus.  It is not once your 50-years-old and could have a heart attack, it's when you're two-years-old and developing the plaques in your arteries."

So, doctors are starting to screen for health problems at younger ages.

Dr. Graves said, "They think of cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol in adults.  But, now the pediatric academy is recommending that we screen all children ages two and up with risk factors for these illness, that we see in adults."

A child's environment can have a big impact on health. It is important to make the right food choices, both at home and at school.

Tim Scallon, the director of clinical nutrition at Memorial Health Systems in Lufkin, said, "Fat is very inactive tissue, there are very few blood vessels in fat.  And, what that means is that metabolically it just sits there."

But, changing your diet doesn't have to be difficult.

Scallon said, "Eating healthy does not mean you throw out all the great tasting foods."

Not only is making healthy food choices important, children also need to stay active to avoid health problems later in life.