Life After West Nile

Rhonda San Angelo keeps a positive attitude. But now, even washing dishes is hard for her. Three years ago she tested positive for West Nile.

Initially, she was told she had the measles.  Then, one day, her back just went out.

San Angelo said, "I had to crawl to the front door.  When I got it unlocked, they called the ambulance, I was sweating so bad."

After a month in the hospital, Rhonda found out she had West Nile. The side effects are still with her. Today, she walks hunched over most of the time, and has swelling. She also can't stand up very long.

San Angelo said, "By the time I walk outside to take my son to work and walk in the door, I'm already tired, my feet are hurting."

Now, Rhonda makes sure her son always wears OFF when he is playing outside, something she never did herself before getting West Nile. There are also other ways to avoid putting yourself at risk for the virus.

Brad Ehrlich, with the Lufkin Fire Department, said, "Mosquitoes are most active at dusk and dawn.  Make sure and wear a long sleeve shirt and be careful."

For now, Rhonda says she will just try to live the best life that she can. A life forever changed by her bout with West Nile.