Compulsory Foreign Pledges in Public Schools

News Release:

In light of this week's report of the Mexican pledge of allegiance being recited in a Freeport elementary school, Republican Texas House of Representatives candidate Larry Durrett called for a ban Thursday on pledges to foreign flags in Texas public schools.

Durrett said he will author a bill that would prohibit any public school official from promoting or requiring the recital of any pledge of allegiance to the flag of a country other than the United States of America.

"I am outraged by what happened last Friday at Veslaco Elementary School," Durrett said. "When our troops are in harm's way overseas - defending our flag and the values it represents - public schools shouldn't be encouraging our kids to recite pledges to flags of foreign countries."

"While it's important for our children to be aware of other countries and their cultures, this crosses the line. When our Texas tax dollars are used to foster loyalty to a country other than our own, we've got to take a stand," Durrett continued.

"My bill will send this message loud and clear throughout the state: it is unacceptable to use Texas schools - and the taxpayer dollars that fund them - to breed allegiance to foreign countries among Texas children."

Larry Durrett is the Republican nominee for Texas House District 11, which is comprised of Cherokee, Houston, Panola and Rusk counties.