Bomb Threat Called in to West Sabine I.S.D.

Only a few West Sabine students showed up for classes Thursday morning. They hadn't gotten the word; someone made a terroristic threat against the district Wednesday night. The caller told a 911 dispatcher a bomb would go off Thursday day in one of the buildings. Administrators called most of their 600 students and told them not to go to school Thursday.

Interim Superintendent Leroy Saleme said, "It may be a hoax, but we're not taking any chances. We do not want anybody - the students or employees - at risk. That's why we've taken the measures we've taken. That's why we had people to get on the phone to people [Wednesday] night, even though it was an inconvenience. We are not going to take any chances when there's safety involved for anybody in our facilities."

Authorities are not sure who called in the bomb threat and have no suspects. They have already interviewed two students.

Pineland Police Chief Jamie Brasher said, "So far, everything's been secure there. We don't want to take any chances, so we're going to have another set of dogs come in and run the campuses again just to make sure everything's okay."

Bomb sniffing dogs from Waco and Jefferson County searched the schools for explosives. Nothing out of the ordinary was found.

Classes in the West Sabine I.S.D. will be held Friday. Students will have to make up for the missed day of class.