More Police Protection Wanted

by Larry Little

One week ago, gun shots rang out on Ellis and Randolph streets in Lufkin. The drive-by shooting killed 39 year old Tony Hutson as he was walking down the street. Authorities arrested and charged a 17 year-old and a 16 year-old for the crime, but folks who live here on Randolph say their problems didn't start with the murder last week.

Problems have been building for sometime and now residents question the safety of their neighborhood. "It makes me want to go to city hall and it makes me wonder where the police department is. Rarely do you see a police car patrolling this neighborhood," says Rose McCarey.

"We try to equalize our patrols. We also try to focus on the problem areas. Sometimes problem areas draw officers from quieter places. It's very difficult to distribute it equally because some areas just require more attention than others," says Lt. David Young.

Some of the people living on Randolph Street say the neighborhood may seem quiet to authorities, but a lot of unwanted, passing traffic is causing problems.

For now authorities recommend residents help them police the area. "We encourage neighborhoods to start crime watches. It is a good way to help the police out by being the eyes and ears and reporting back to us and letting us go in there and check these things out," says Lt. Young.

None of the people involved in last week's shooting lived in the Lufkin neighborhood.