Shooting Not Gang Related

by Larry Little

There is a lot of speculation after last weeks murder. Many feel it was gang related. Lufkin police are dismissing the idea.

It's was over a week ago when 39 year old Tony Hutson was killed while walking down the street in a Lufkin neighborhood. 17 year old Kendall Adams and a 16 year juvenile were arrested and charged for the crime. None of the men involved in the drive by shooting lived in this neighborhood. Some of the residents living on Randolph street believe the shooting was gang related. "In talking with our detectives they have mentioned nothing about this being gang related", says Lt. David Young.

Authorities do believe there is gang activity in East Texas.   "I don't think there is any place in the united states that doesn't have some type of gang activity or may possibly have some type of gang activity in the near future. It's virtually impossible to stop it completely", says Lt. Young.