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9/24/06-B. K. Ranch

Proud Of East Texas: Yamamotos

You might find Gary and Beverly Yamamoto at a Whitehouse dinner, at a fishing tournament or on their 700-acre B. K. Ranch in East Texas. But wherever the Yamamotos are, life is never dull.

The Yamamotos' 25,000 sq.-ft. home includes their living quarters, a lodge, and Beverly's Restaurant, which features the special Wagyu Beef that they literally take from pasture to table. It also has two tennis courts, a basketball court, swimming pool and a number of stocked lakes.

The Yamamoto empire came about through fishing. Gary is one of the world's top pro bass fishermen and developed Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, sold worldwide. Beverly is a third generation American from Hattiesburg, MS. The two met on an airplane as Gary was flying to a fishing tournament and Beverly and her mother were rushing to her stricken father's bedside. Gary helped the women find the right hospital, inspiring Beverly's mother to describe their meeting as "karma".

Joan Hallmark, Reporting.


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