Railroad Crossing Concerns

by Larry Little

All over deep East Texas you will find railroad tracks, most are used to transport goods to and from different places in the country, but these railroads can be very dangerous especially when people ignore railroad crossing guards. Authorities say this is common knowledge to East Texans but they continue to violate the traffic law. "Disregarding railroad crossing device, yes, that is something that is all to common and if you ask anyone who works for the railroad they will tell you how much they hate to see that happen", says Lt. David Young.

An accident last week in Diboll is an example of what can happen. Authorities say the truck driver went around the crossing device and never saw the train, until it was too late. "If you try to beat that train you are gambling with your life", says Young.

The driver of this 18 wheeler walk away unharmed, but often the accidents are fatal. Last year 970 people were injured at railroad crossings and over 350 people died in collisions with trains. "Train vs. Car collision usually works out bad for the people in the car. Trains always have the right away and a train always wins in a wreck", says Young.