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9/25/06-Henderson County

7 On Your Side: Couple's Mobile Home Sitting On Highway

All that's missing from Jesse and Patricia Kelly's property is the mobile home they paid to have moved there.

"You should have already had this trailer?,"asks KLTV 7 Reporter Christine Nelson.

"Yes ma'am. A month ago," Jessie replies.

The Kelly's hired SS Express Transport, after seeing an ad in the American Classifieds newspaper.

"They were going to transport [the first half] that afternoon," says Jesse. Wife, Patrisia adds,"The other half [would be transported] that following Monday.

$2,700 and a couple signed contracts later, half of their double-wide was on the side Highway 198 near Canton.

"We've done all the underwork to get it this far and it's sitting on the side of the road!" says Patrisia in disbelief.

The Kelly's contacted 7 On Your Side and we called Shawn Smith the owner of SS Express Transport. At first he told us he would move the trailer to the Kelly's property as promised.

It got moved alright, to the side of another highway--Highway 64.

SS Express today is saying the home is old and in too bad a shape to be transported. They're refusing to refund the Kelly's any of their money.

"If he didn't want to mess with it, we would take that money and pay somebody else but he won't refund it," says Patrisia.

It's a refund the Kelly's say they are owed. And will re-coop their losses by filing a complaint through the state.

We contacted the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs as well about this.

The Manufactured Housing Division says they are awaiting the Kelly's formal complaint so they can pursue action against SS Express Transport if necessary.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com


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