Family Still Struggles One Year After Rita

by Jessica Cervantez

"When you go through something like this it forever changes your outlook on life."

Teresa Houston has no words to describe how she has lived her life the last year.  Her and her husband, Eddie can recall the day Hurricane Rita struck vividly.

Eddie said "It felt like the trailer was just expanding in and out, and that wind would blow up."

The couple can't believe it has now been a year since Hurricane Rita destroyed their home.

Teresa said, "It's an everyday struggle, we have so much stuff that was lost in the trailer due to the damage.  We're trying to go through the stuff now to figure out what will be discarded and what we'll be able to keep, and what we'll never be able to use again."

The couple now lives in a FEMA trailer next to their destroyed home, which still has a blue tarp on the roof. They tried to salvage their belongings, but most are filled with mold and mildew.

Eddie said, "It's hard to look at everything you lost, it took me awhile a to buy a place and you know, it came to that."

But, the Houston's are not alone.

Jeane Miles, of the American Red Cross, said, "There are a lot of people that are still struggling, we see a case or two everyday."

The Zavalla couple has learned a valuable lesson. They won't get caught in a storm again.

Teresa said, "Oh, every time we see a storm, we're ready to run, it's scary."