Move It Motivator Makes Brave Stand

We first told you about Katelynn Marshall last spring. At eleven years old she decided to start losing weight. "Nine pounds and my target is about 90 more," said Marshall. While at Carpenter Elementary Katelynn began breaking old habits. Marshall recalled, "I used to just watch TV, drink sodas, eat chips. The only time I would get exercise was when I was going from the couch to the refrigerator to get something else to eat."

Exactly what Katelynn's coach, Sarah Ferrell discouraged everyday in class. So when Katelynn came to her for help she was overwhelmed. "It brings tears to my eyes when she comes to me and tells me that she wants to lose weight because I'm very encouraged that I'm not being the mean old P.E. teacher that everybody thinks that I am."

No, the mean ones were often other children. Katelyn's mom, Arlena Marshall said, "She used to come home crying, upset because kids would call her fat and make fun of her." Katelynn said about being overweight, "It's bad. People look at you different because you don't amount to nothing and it makes you feel like you don't matter."

The turning point came when Katelynn learned obesity kills. "I got scared, so I just said got to lose weight because I don't want to die." So a lifestyle change began in her own backyard. She used a slope to run up and down with her dogs after school.   Now as a 7th grader at McMichael Middle School Katelynn has begun other forms of exercise. The confident child is agreeing to be a Move It motivator. We'll track her process. She's down a dress size from last spring. She'll teach you and inspire you. Katelynn said, "I don't think I should be the only one privileged to lose weight. I think everyone should."