Kiel Arrested

According to ESPN, Terrence Kiel has been arrested on drug charges.

The former Lufkin Panther has been a San Diego Charger defensive back since 2003.

Kiel was a 2nd round draft choice out of Texas A&M.

According to ESPN, sources close to the Chargers said several plain clothes DEA agents appeared at the Chargers' facility Tuesday morning with an arrest warrant, searched his locker and car, and took Kiel away.

We will follow the story and we will have more updates on Wednesday's East Texas Sports at Six.

The following information below was sent by the Associated Press:SAN DIEGO (AP) _ Chargers strong safety Terrence Kiel admitted

to shipping two parcels of prescription cough syrup to Texas.

That's what D-E-A officials said today, a day after the player was

arrested at team headquarters.

While Kiel did not tell the D-E-A his motive, the agency in

Texas has found widespread abuse of codeine-based cough syrup mixed

with soft drinks or drugs and referred to as "lean." That's

according to John S- Fernandes, the special agent in charge of the

San Diego office. He says a pint bottle of "lean" can cost

between 200 dollars and 325 dollars on the street.

Kiel was arrested on two counts of transporting a controlled

substance and three counts of possession for sale of a controlled


The D-E-A is investigating where Kiel got the cough syrup, who

else may be involved and the intent.

An arraignment was scheduled for Tuesday.