Strayhorn Responds to Fiscal Concerns

News Release:

The campaign of Texas Independent Candidate for Governor Carole Keeton Strayhorn today said voters will see through Gov. Rick Perry's "last minute conversion to fiscal responsibility and that his record of failures, secrecy, and deceit shows the truth to Texans ."

"A month before the election, Rick decides he wants to crack down on out-of-control spending?" said Mark Sanders, spokesman for Strayhorn. "This last-minute, pre-election conversion to watching out for the taxpayers will be seen for what it is - a political gimmick the governor is trying to pull over on the voters after six years of failures and deceit. "

"For 150 years, Texas government managed to keep spending below $100 billion," Sanders said. "But in the six years and 10 legislative sessions that Rick has been in charge, spending has increased $44 billion - a staggering 45 percent."

Sanders noted that when Perry first called for spending cuts, he claimed to have cut his own budget by 14 percent, only to be exposed by media reports that the cuts were not real.

"He moved two maids, a chef, and a porter off his payroll onto another agency's payroll, but they kept cleaning, cooking, and portering - whatever that is - for the governor. His attempt to deceive Texans failed," Sanders said.

"Two weeks ago, Rick discovered there was a problem with border security, and he ran a television ad. Last week, he found out that parents are not happy with the education their children are getting, and he ran a television ad," Sanders said. "Today, he found out that taxpayers are angry about his out-of-control and wasteful spending and he put out a press release. The television ad can't be far behind."

Five Points to Ponder about Rick Perry wasteful spending and misrepresentations to the people of Texas:

  • Spending has increased $44 billion or 45% under Perry with over $300 million tax dollars wasted on corporate welfare and over $7 million of our tax dollars wasted on contracts with Washington, D.C. lobbyists with per pupil funding in our schools dropping to 40th.
  • Dedicated funds from the electric utility help fund to parks have been misspent .
  • Perry said he cut his budget in 2003, when he in fact hid 10 employees in another agency's budget .
  • Perry still keeps secret the largest secret land-grab boondoggle in Texas history to turn over thousands of acres of land to a foreign company .
  • Perry has never returned a state surplus to taxpayers - in fact just this year Texas had an $8.2 billion dollar surplus and he signed into law the largest income tax increase in Texas history and is the first governor to tax healthcare.