Women Walk For Cancer Awareness

Two educators, one from Woden, another from Chireno walk everyday preparing their bodies for the Susan G. Koman 3 day Breast Cancer walk. Sixty miles in three days is tough, but not near the battle 4th grade Chireno schoolteacher Patricia Blount has been fighting.   Blount learned on March 30th she has breast cancer.   "It's been just a whirlwind ever since with diagnosis, surgeries, the treatment that I'm undergoing now," said Blount wearing a scarf with pink 'cancer awareness" bows on it.

Breast cancer effects so many. Woden teacher Crystal Zienko's came up with idea to walk after seeing her mother in law fight cancer.   "Every time she says she has to go to the doctor for a checkup she now feels like she's playing Russian Roulette and I never ever want to have to hear the anguish in anyone's voice that I hear in her's," said Zienko with a quiver in her voice.

When Chireno assistant principal Heather Hagle learned of Crystal's plan she quickly joined in with Patricia in mind.   "This is just one small thing that I want to do and hopefully this small thing enough people doing small things will make a big difference."

The difference the educators want is to help researchers find a breast cancer cure. Blount said, "It's not about the three of us. It's about all the little ladies, the future, so that we can help them."

Chireno student Meagan Sewell, 10,  is living proof what research can do. She fought cancer for four years. Now the freckled, blue eyed red head is providing her favorite teacher support. Her advice is, "Don't ever feel like nothing is gonna go OK because it did for me and believe now that anything is possible." Certainly enough inspiration for Blount and these two walkers as they begin a trek toward cancer awareness.

Crystal Zienko and Heather Hagle must raise at least $2,200 each to participate in next month's Dallas walk. A bake sales will be held on Saturday at the Chireno State Bank. A fish fry is planned for October 21 at Chireno Baptist Church. You can also donate by going to each lady's personal donation page. Click here to donate to Crystal Zienko, or click here to donate to Heather Hagle.