Evidence Supports Owen's Story

By Larry Little

An initial police report released by the Dallas Police Department indicated Owens attempted suicide, hours later the department issued a new statement.   "It is my understanding there was some information released prior to me speaking to the media and what I want to say is that information that went out. We are the official spokespersons for the the Dallas Police Department. How that information got out I don't know", says Dallas Police Lt.   Rick Watson.

Owens denies he tried to kill himself. "There was no suicide attempt. I went home yesterday after I left the facility, I took a couple of pain pills then I had treatment for my hand and I took some extra pills with my supplements", says Terrell Owens.

Dr. Khan works in the ER at a Lufkin hospital. "A lot of the times after they show up after trying to commit suicide they may change their mind after seeing all of the activity around them and they will want to leave and go home, but they are still at high risk for killing themselves right after that so the procedure is to keep them here or at another facility where they can be monitored and helped", says Dr. Khan.

Dr. Khan says this is procedure for all hospitals and all patients. When asked if he thought the Cowboy's wide receiver took 30 or more hydrocodone pills. Dr. Kahn responded, "No that wouldn't be possible".

The evidence seems to support Owens version of events. But some believe there is more to the story. Whatever happened, Terrell Owens says he's ready to put it all behind him, and get back to playing football.