Hands Across the Corridor Campaign

News Release:

Citizens groups planning the event "Hands Across the Corridor", this Saturday, September 30th, are still getting their cups of dirt ready, perhaps a little more gleefully, to take to their county courthouses with a message to Gov. Rick Perry. This cup of dirt is all he's getting before he's rerouted in November by the Grandma. The event comes on the heels of the Governor caving in to pressure from Carole Keeton Strayhorn to open up a secretive contract the Governor signed 17 months ago with the Spanish toll road consortium, CINTRA, to build the Corridor.

The event will be kicked off at 10 a.m. by Mrs. Strayhorn in the ampitheater next to the museum containing the "Come and Take It Cannon" in Gonzales, Texas (414 Smith St.). From there she will travel by car, accompanied by a motorcyle and car caravan, to the Alamo where she will do another kickoff at noon. The Hands Across the Corridor event will be taking place in key counties where opposition to the Corridor/tolls and Rick Perry, and support for the Grandma, are consolidating. These can be found at: http://www.indytexans.org/find-protest.php.

Linda Stall, who, with her husband, founded the citizens movement to stop the Corridor when no one but policy wonks knew anything about it said, "We don't really know yet what the 1,600 pages say -- and it's going to take some time to figure that out. For now, we're continuing to build our efforts because, given the enormity of the project, it will not come down easily, even when we turn Perry out to pasture and elect Carole in November. But then, citizens are going to have a big break -- the Governor will be one of us working for all Texans."

Linda Curtis, founder of Independent Texans said, "Our fight now -- now that we've won on the secrecy issue and Rick Perry lost -- is the most fundamental of all. The right to vote on it. Citizens came out to those TxDOT hearings last July and August, and this was their common cry. 'If it's such a good deal, why don't we have the right to vote on it?' Carole is the only candidate for Governor who understand this -- this isn't about her, it's about us."

That's what these citizens still want to know and will be asking until they get an answer on November 7th. Groups sponsoring this event are Blackland Coalition PAC, Citizens for A Better Waller County PAC, Independent Texans PAC, and San Antonio Toll Party PAC.