Missing Inmate Found Near His Relatives' Home

Angelina County deputies found the prisoner they'd been looking for since September 18th. That's when 37-year-old James Howell walked away from work detail in Lufkin.

Howell was picking up trash near Ford Chapel Road with several other inmates when he walked away.

Sheriff Kent Henson said, "When people come in [the county jail] to visit, we write down their name and address. [Tracking] the people that had been visiting with him is how we started tracking him."

Sheriff Henson said no more than six inmates are ever on work detail at one location. One deputy is always at the site to keep an eye on them, so walk-offs are not common.

"The other guys that [were] on the crew with him got upset because they were afraid that the program was going to be canceled, but this is the third person that we've had walk off work detail in ten years."

When choosing a trustee, jail captains always look at the prisoner's background and the reason they are locked up. They know inmates are more likely to walk off if they have a tendency to be violent or have a lot of time left on their jail sentences.

James Howell is in jail for theft of a firearm and violating his parole. Now, escape charges will be added.