McEntire Trial Strains Relationship

Amber McEntire trial was set today for October 23rd. She's accused of injury to a child. An action authorities say led to last October's death of her 22 month old son Harold Harris.   Earlier this week Darrell Yates III, a man who married Amber illegally received a 15 year sentence on the same charge. He had been facing a capital murder charge.

What happened inside' the courtroom was fairly routine, but the death of a baby whose family called him 'Doc' has torn a mother/daughter relationship apart. Amber McEntire followed a line of other defendants into the courtroom. That was the closest Carol McEntire, who dodged television camera,  came to seeing her daughter in months. Baby Harris' other grandmother tried to explain why it was so important for McEntire to make eye contact with her daughter. "Amber took her off the visitation list. She wasn't here to crucify amber. Basically she wants her to get punished but still she wanted to be here for her child," said Martin

In the courtroom Amber never looked at her mother's steady stare. Martin calls it a love hate relationship.   "She's torn between the love any mother would have for her child and still can't accept the fact this child is the one who killed her own baby," explained Martin. As Amber was escorted back to jail a small breakthrough came in the two's relationship. Amber quietly turned and said, 'I love you mom'.

As Amber was loaded into a squad car her mother approached. What she was wanting to say we don't know. We do know the entire situation, including media attention is overwhelming. She forced her hand into the lens of a television camera.

Martin hopes Amber's words to her mom are meaningful.   "I hope that helps her and that's probably why she was upset right then, but all I say, it's in God's hands,". In the end a mother and daughter went their separate ways.