School Safety

by Larry Little

The two school shooting incidents this week happened miles away from East Texas, but the shootings have some East Texas administrators concerned. "You're always sadden by the fact that this has happened to any school child, any school house, any parent, any adults working in school buildings with both the recent shootings where a child was killed and another where an educator was killed. It makes you reflect on what all have you done, what can you do to keep those kinds of thing that are many times unpredictable from happening," says Lufkin Superintendent, Roy Knight.

Knight says safety measures are in place at Lufkin schools, starting with their visitors policy. The district is also planning future safety precautions.   "Our school board recently allowed us to be engaged in a capital project that will put monitored digital cameras, recording camera on all of our sites. So as the money will allow us, we continue to do all of those things that will strengthen safety on our campuses," says Knight.

Though the Lufkin School District has emergency plans in place, Superintendent Knight knows it's difficult to prevent the unpredictable. "When they are not very predictable, it makes them hard to be as preventable, you hope to react in such a fashion as they did in Colorado, they had a plan in place and we do too," says Knight.