New Businesses Coming to Downtown Lufkin

Empty buildings in downtown Lufkin will soon be occupied. "Some of the new things that are coming downtown is Harmony's, an international store; also, First Street Art Gallery; and a new restaurant that's called Manhattan's," says Barbara Thompson, Main Street Lufkin director.

Thompson is excited about the future growth in downtown Lufkin. She says, right now, all you see is an occasional shopper and a few cars in downtown on the weekends, but the city is hoping to increase traffic in the area by bringing in a variety of businesses to attract East Texans to shop and dine downtown Lufkin.

"Oh, downtown is really growing. I feel like the work we city employees [are doing] is really getting out there because, as I keep saying, it's not anything I'm doing on my own. There are a lot of people who support me and direct me in the way I should go, but downtown is really growing," says Thompson.

The city hopes the growth will be a boost to the Lufkin economy.