The "Wine" Debate

by Larry Little

All over Angelina County, signs against Propositions 1 and 2 are popping up. At the center of the debate is alcohol sales. In the debate, religion has come into play from both sides. At the center of the controversy is the use of "wine" in the Bible.

"Jesus turned water into wine. There are all kinds of references being used in the Bible. It is possible the wine was as we know it today, but the Bible does not approve of how our culture takes alcohol, and those kinds of substances create problems in our community," says Jeremy Yancey.

Wine is referenced over 200 times in the Bible, but some East Texas ministers say none of these references justifies making Angelina County wet.

"Man takes the drink and the drink takes the man, and the man has to do what the drinks says do, and that's always the wrong thing. We don't want to do anything that is going to impair us and negate our ability to make good choices and do the things God is pleased with," says Rev. C. E. Jeffrey.

Folks who support making the county wet believe the wrong thing to do is throw away alcohol sales revenue. So the wine debate continues, but a decision will be made in November.