Small Town Receives a Scare After Accident

The small town of Broaddus had quite a scare Tuesday morning after an 18-wheeler hit a tanker carrying propane gas.

Steven Harty, a 47-year-old, was driving his 18-wheeler through Broaddus behind a tanker filled with propane gas. Harty attempted to pass the tanker and accidentally clipped the vehicle.

That is when immediate precautions were taken to keep everyone away from any possible danger. Locals were worried the tanker could explode.

Shirley Chatham, a Broaddus resident, said, "My youngest daughter and a customer of ours opened the front door and saw the fumes coming out of the propane tank and came back.  They were like 'run, get out of here, get out of here', so we ran about two blocks down the road and the gas was still coming out of the truck."

There were no injuries reported.